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Krylon Colormaster

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Krylon Colormaster

Stock No: 611601 $AU16.95

Krylon aerosol’s most famous benefit is COVERAGE with Covermax® technology providing brilliant colour. Technically superior solvents and resins allow for more paint per gram to be delivered meaning more paint in the can and less cheap but heavy propellant means you get great value for money compared to any discount or weight comparisons, therefore better value.

Ease of use special ergonomic design allows full control of spray and prevents nger tiredness.
Speci cally designed valves for formulations ensure proper mix and ow. Guaranteed.

Dries in 10 minutes or less with re-coat times of 1 minute and upwards - a fraction of any competitor product without sacri cing performance so surfaces are never compromised during long dry intervals, the result being a smooth and awless nish.

Has excellent weatherability and allows you to get the job done faster and with a superior result.
Great colour range with high impact.
For use on: Wood, Metal, Plastic, Wrought Iron, Plaster, Ceramic, Fabric, Paper, Paper Mache.

Dry to Touch - 10 minutes Dry to Handle - 1 hour

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