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Air Attack Dual Cylinder Compressor and Tool Kit

The Attack range of products have been developed by Command Auto Group in Australia and Brandtech Industries in New Zealand as a joint project.  The range now includes 4 Polishing Machines, a Vacuum System and an Air Compressor Kit

The Wax Attack product range is built to a required quality standard and tested to ensure quality, performance, perfect results and ease of use.

The Wax Attack product range includes the addition of Mothers Polishes.Waxes.Cleaners, MLH Microfibre Towels, Applicator Pads, Instructional and Product DVD and packed in a truly solid transportation and storage case, the Wax Attack range represents "value for money".

Air Attack Dual Cylinder Compressor and Tool Kit

Stock No: 65AA150 $AU139.95

Powerful 220W motor suitable for high pressure applications.
Heavy duty insulated crocodile clips allow direct attachment to any 12V battery.

Attachments for recreational accessories. 70L/min air ow.
150 PSI max pressure.
Max duty cycle 60mins.

3.6m power cord with crocodile clips. 4.5m coiled air hose.

20PSI - 32PSI In ation Times:
Passenger Vehicle: 1:22 min - 225/55 R18 Medium 4WD: 1:25 min - 225/70 R15 Large 4WD: 2:25 min - 285/60 R18

Part No: 65AA150

Kit Includes:

Handy Carry Case Pliers Screwdrivers Knife Extension hose Digital Tyre Pressure Gauge (Part No 65AAPG)


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