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Mothers Polishes.Waxes.Cleaners - Marine

Life on the water can be extremely difficult.

Salt spray, relentless sun and waterborne minerals all take their toll on your vessel’s appearance.

Regular maintenance with quality Mothers® marine-care products is an essential part of keeping your vessel looking like new.

Marine PoweBball

Stock No: 7191040
"The first foam polishing tool designed to revitalize almost any surface, including stainless steel, brass, plastic and clear vinyl in seconds. Simply attach the PowerBall to any variable-speed drill, add the appropriate Mothers product for the surface to be polished and prepare to be amazed. The unique and durable construction compresses to fit tight spaces so polishing difficult areas to a mirror-like finish is fast and easy. Tool."

Marine PowerBall Mini

Stock No: 7191041
"This revolutionary tool takes your intricate, hard to reach, tedious polishing jobs and makes them easy. It retains the PowerBall's speed, ruggedness, and versatility, while adding reach and pinpoint accuracy for those knuckle-busting jobs. Tool with 10"" Extension."

Marine PowerMetal

Stock No: 7191048
"An extraordinary liquid metal polish that restores and protects polishable metals, Including stainless steel, brass, bronze and aluminium. PowerMetal gives you that like-new shine by removing tarnish, light surface rust, mild oxidation and corrosion. Its advanced formulation provides protection and a lasting brilliant shine. Excellent for use by hand, with the PowerBall or PowerBall Mini to quickly and easily accomplish any job, regardless of size or intricacy. Perfect for railings, cleats, props, windlasses and much more. 236ml."

Marine PowerPlastic

Stock No: 7191058
"The best ""all-in-one"" plastic polish and protectant. It easily cleans and shines a wide variety of hard or flexible plastics and clear vinyls to optinum crystal clarity. Removes light scratches, oxidation, haze, stains and yellowing, leaving a long-lasting protective polymer barrier against UV rays, water spotting, airborne contaminants and more. Excellent for use by hand, with the PowerBall or PowerBall Mini. 236ml."

Marine Wash N Wax

Stock No: 7191532
"A concentrated, biodegradable wash and wax, for boat and RV surfaces. Specifically formulated to quickly and easily remove dirt, salt spray, grime and srcum. Mothers Wash'n Wax is an environmentally friendly, low-sudsing formula. Its no-hassle rinsing creates a brilliant gloss while adding protection to all finishes. 473ml."

Marine Black Streak Remover

Stock No: 7191624

"Formulated to quickly and easily remove those unsightly black streaks from gelcoats, fiberglass or metal. ""Just spray, wipe and rinse!"". 710ml."


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