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Piloti Driving Shoes

A Passion for Driving, Whats in the Name- "Piloti is Italian for "driver"

visit the Piloti Australia website at

•The Piloti brand is about performance, pure and simple. Our foundational idea is “Drivers who understand high-performance wear Piloti.”

•The essence of our positioning is that “Piloti shoes are engineered for those who want to be in the driver’s seat.”

•The support for our positioning is based on:

-Technology - Piloti is the only racing shoe with a globally patented Roll Control heel technology for enhanced performance and comfort.

-Style - Piloti shoes provide a perfect balance between function and form, inspired by the principles of Italian design.


Piloti has a line of shoes designed especially for car enthusiasts, rally junkies, and street rodders. (Hint: You don't have to rip around a 32% banked turn at 200 mph to enjoy your Piloti Driving Shoes.) Piloti's Touring line of shoes uses all the performance features in our racing shoes-just sans the Nomex®. They're so comfortable your other sports shoes may collect dust. These shoes are enjoyed by the likes of Jay Leno, Jerry Seinfeld, and Chad McQueen-even the members of Aerosmith.


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